Saturday, August 23, 2008

Half-Price Volunteer Programs for Sept/Oct 2008

Be quick to end your year on a meaningful high!

Half price Volunteering in Brazil is only available on 2 and 3 week programs. To apply and reserve your place complete our quick online application now - Quick Application

Some things you could do:

If you like sport, particularly soccer - go here

Do you fancy teaching? - go here

How about helping kids? go here

Be quick before the half price offer is GONE...GONE...GONE....gon...go....g...g.....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are you NUTS about Brazil ?

Brazil Nuts (Broken) - 44 lb Brazil Nuts (Broken): GR
44 lb of Brazil Nuts shipped to your door...

Monday, July 14, 2008


Just a quickie...

We are starting to get some serious enquires regarding Carnival in Brazil - Even though the annual bash doesn't start until February 2009 , if you want to play, get your skates on, Brazil Carnival 2009

A couple more updates:

Don't forget in addition to Brazil , volunteer Brazil have partnered with organisations in Peru and Costa Rica, we will also very shortly be changing our current partners in Africa to a South African based Conservation Organisation - check back here for updates.

We are also currently expanding our Brazil program to include more cities, particularly in south and north west Brazil - again check back here for updates.

On the other hand, due to various factors we are reducing our programs in Sao Paulo and Fortaleza.

And finally, it's always nice to get feedback and a brief note from former volunteers, and as I write this blog entry , Tom Ireland from England wrote. Tom volunteered on one of our partner projects in Recife(June and early July 2008)

¨Hi Alan, I just wanted to email and say that I am now home in England. Thank you for letting me experience Brazil. Brazil is a great country and it was great to work with the children that I met at the day centre. I will be back in Brazil for sure¨...

Thank you Tom, see you again , very soon...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fantastic opportunity to own and develop a piece of the action in Brazil.

Brazil is quite probably one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative investments of the decade.

If you want to own 94 hectares of prime land in Gravatá, Pernambuco, north-east Brazil, contact us TODAY,

If you would like to learn more before contacting us – read on…

Gravatá in Pernambuco is one of the most exciting land opportunities in north-east Brazil.

Gravatá is both a well established city and a frightfully underdeveloped region. It is however, firmly, very firmly in fact, an established and popular weekend destination for not only Recife city dwellers but middle-class Brazilians from all over Brazil who flock to the region escaping the day-to-day grind of busy big city life.
The Opportunity:

The 94 hectares of land enjoys a private road, a barrage, fresh water and electricity supply in addition to a luxury condominium community with heated swimming pool and other amenities, all set in a landscape below a hill of 360 degrees (which you will also own) with breathtaking views over the Serra das Russas.

The land is ready to develop, some suggestions for you; golf course, tennis courts, hotel or luxury resort, leisure and or residential facilities – the sky’s the limit, the choice is your’s …

Do you want to own this land? Contact us TODAY

Further information:
Google Map of Gravata

Economy of Gravata is currently driven by the following activities:
Rustic Furniture making
Vegetable, fruit and flower growing
Horse breeding

Purchase this land before it’s too late:

PS: Guide Price is R$8.000.000,00 OR 4.9 Million United States Dollars ( 3.1 Million Euros or 2.4 Million Pounds)